24 August 2011

Basking Shark Hotspot - Ireland

Basking Shark © Mark Harding on the 26th June Inner Hebrides.

Lucy Hunt MSc., research scientist on the Irish Basking shark Project, updates us with the latest sightings in Co. Kerry, SW Ireland.

"Basking Shark sightings are few and far between at the moment around the Emerald Isle although there was a good spate of the leviathans off the NW coast earlier on in the month. This allowed for Emmett Johnston and Donal Griffin, both Irish Basking Shark researchers to deploy Time Depth Recorder (TDR) tags and further coloured numbered tags to help us identify what the sharks are upto around the coast. We’ve had two returns on our coloured numbered tags, one shark tagged in Kerry and another in Donegal earlier in the season, both sharks were re-sighted in Scottish waters. We’ve also had one shark re-sighting from fin photo ID twice this year and once seen in 2005. We’re looking forward to using the Shark Trusts new fin photo ID catalogue, which has just been distributed, and collaborating with other Basking Shark groups on this endeavour. The Irish Basking Shark Project webpage has just been updated with lots of HD videos and pictures of sharks seen around Ireland, check it out at http://www.baskingshark.ie/. Also some of you might have seen the Irish Basking Shark Project on tv last week on BBC2 with Monty Halls, where Monty worked alongside the Irish Basking Shark Project and Irish Whale and Dolphin Group last summer here in Ireland. We’re not sure what the rest of the summer will bring; the weather has been mixed and so have the Basking Shark sightings with most sightings so far coming very early in the season. We’ll keep you informed if anything changes!".

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