31 August 2012

Basking Shark Hotspot - Ireland

Image © Irish Basking shark Project.
Enda McKeogh from the Irish Basking shark Project, updates us with the latest sightings in Co. Kerry, SW Ireland.

"A shark with a white tag was filmed back in July by dive photographer Mark Harding of www.eyemocean.com off the Isle of Coll. The visual tags which we deploy are colour coded by deployment area and numbered to identify the individual. Green tags are deployed in Kerry, red are deployed in Cork while white and yellow are deployed in Donegal. This is very exciting as the team had not deployed any white tags this season when the video was taken meaning that this is the first inter-annual re-sighting of an animal tagged as a part of our visual tagging project. Unfortunately, the stills taken from the video don’t allow us identify the individual as the tag is covered with fouling but the small ring at the front of the tag suggests to us that this was deployed with a timed depth recorder. This allows us to narrow the identity of the shark down but we will never know for sure. It does give us valuable information on the longevity of the tags and displays their usefulness in studying the sharks spatial and temporal movements and also simple mark-recapture studies. 

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If you see a basking shark with a visual tag attached please report it on www.baskingshark.ie."

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