01 November 2012

Basking Shark Hotspot - Cornwall

Image © Rory Goodall.
Rory Goodall, from Elemental Tours in Penzancehas kindly written this blog for the Shark Trust, keeping us up to date with all the latest Basking Shark sightings in Cornwall. 

"We've had Basking Shark sightings right up until September 23rd – mostly one’s and two’s – then we were battered by stormy weather. In the second week of October the sharks again made an appearance, with one’s and two’s spotted on Cornwall’s west coast – with a group of five seen last weekend! 

An unidentified shark was also spotted off Cape Cornwall recently. It definitely wasn’t a Basker – we suspect it may have been a Porbeagle Shark. On a similar note, a record Blue Shark was caught by an angler on the charter vessel Bite Adventures off the coast of Penzance in early October. Even though the shark weighed in at some 248lbs it won’t be an official record as the angler released it after it was measured and a photo taken. 

I’ve said it before, but this is a great end to 2012; it’s been a remarkable year compared to 2011, with the sharks around consistently all ‘season’ (apart from during the stormy periods).