11 June 2013

Basking Shark Hotspot - Cornwall

Dolphin © Annabelle Lowe.
Annabelle Lowe from Atlantic Diver in Newquay, has kindly written this blog for the Shark Trust, keeping us up to date with all the latest Basking Shark sightings in Cornwall. 

"A few days of long hot weather has bought much of the zooplankton close to the surface. Swarms of large Moon Jellyfish and Blue Jellyfish are now about 2m from the surface so we are intensely watching the water as we go about our dives and sea safaris, for that iconic fin breaking the surface…but no breaches seen yet. The sea is shimmering with large patches of scrummy plankton…it’s a dinner bell to all those Baskers out there…so hopefully any day now, as we are hearing of sightings of individual sharks coming in from our colleagues down West Cornwall. Come on Sharks!."